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Karat is Your Expert Hiring Engineer

Make your technical hiring a strategic capability that is scalable, consistent, and candidate-centric.

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Optimize valuable engineering time

Your top engineers can focus their time on engaging top candidates and building product. Karat clients reduce engineering hours per hire by over 50%.

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Assess every candidate with a data-driven, consistent process

With Karat’s elastic interviewing capacity, you will be able to assess every applicant regardless of their resume while realizing the benefits of structured interviewing. On average, Karat clients assess 40% more candidates and improve their onsite-to-offer ratio by over 25%.

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Construct a hiring engine that scales intelligently

With Karat you can benchmark to peers, leverage hiring data to inform how you source talent, and incorporate best practices to strengthen your unique hiring culture. Karat clients materially improve the partnership between recruiting and engineering organizations, which raises employee morale and confidence in the hiring process.

Candidate Centric

Elite candidates demand a high-quality interview experience. Karat treats your candidates like valued customers.

24/7 Availability with Real-Time Customer Support

Karat’s 24/7 interviewing capacity caters to candidates’ schedules and ensures that any questions get resolved immediately. This flexibility draws in candidates who might otherwise not interview. In fact, 60% of candidates choose to interview on nights and weekends.

Redo Opportunity

No one is going to interview perfectly all the time. If candidates feel like they did not show up with their “A” game, for whatever reason, we will interview them again no questions asked.

Fair, Professional Technical Assessment

Candidates appreciate the challenging nature of our interviews, the relevance of our questions, and the professionalism of our interviewers.

Personalized Attention from Top Company Leadership

Candidates who proceed to onsite interviews get maximum exposure to our clients’ technical leadership. The personalized focus leads to higher candidate satisfaction and close rates.

Our Platform

Based on our work with clients, we’ve learned that high-bar engineering organizations need to allocate the equivalent of one full-time engineer for every 20 engineering hires the company wants to make. Were this role to exist instead of the distributed responsibilities we see at most organizations, the dedicated hiring engineer would be responsible for conducting all first round interviews, designing consistent interview questions, normalizing interview data, partnering with recruiting to inform sourcing, and continuously driving hiring process improvements.

Karat is an organization’s dedicated hiring engineer, performing all of the functions above and more.

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World Class Technical Interviewers

We conduct initial rounds of technical interviews using committed, highly skilled, seasoned software engineers. Karat interviewers embrace technical interviewing as a first-class job. We ensure top performance from our interviewer network, accepting less than 2% of all candidates.

We invest 20+ hours of training into each interviewer before they begin conducting client interviews, and provide continuous feedback while they are on our platform.

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Robust Interview Science

We leverage the dataset of 5,000+ live technical interviews we’ve completed on behalf of top technology companies to continuously improve the accuracy and precision of our assessments. Karat pushes the frontiers of interviewing science.

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Rich Analytics and Benchmarking

Our technology platform provides access to hiring analytics, detailed assessment data, and peer benchmarking. This allows our clients to compare the quality of their hiring process and candidates to a comparable peer group.

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Elite Client Network and Best Practices

Our clients are top engineering leaders who want to make their hiring a strategic capability. As a Karat client, you will be able to exchange ideas and insights with other technical leaders who hire intelligently.

Make Your Technical Hiring a Strategic Capability

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