Our Design Principles


Professional interviewing

At many companies, interviewing is a shared responsibility, distributed among engineers and managers. But managers are extremely busy. And even the best software engineers can be bad interviewers — after all, they are hired for their software development skills, not for their interviewing experience.

At Karat, our interviewers are engineers who embrace interviewing as a first-class job. They are professional interviewers who take pride in their work and excel at it.


Tech-enabled interviewers, not automated tools

We love technology. But no automated tool is good enough to determine whether a candidate is qualified for a job. Moreover, candidates are human beings who deserve to be treated as such.

That’s why we forego automated tools and instead use technology to improve the candidate experience and make our interviewers more predictive. We use technology as an enabler, but keep humans front and center.


Partnership, not outsourcing

You should not outsource your hiring process. Talent is your top priority as a company, and one that requires your attention and investment. But we can help as partners. We’ll work with you to optimize your hiring process, and our professional interviewers will deliver a great experience to your candidates.

That frees you up to focus on your most promising candidates, assessing them for organizational fit and potential and selling them on the opportunity.


All engineers assessed, without bias

Our interview data has demonstrated that top talent can come from anywhere. Through our elastic interviewing capacity, Karat removes the friction to assess all candidates, regardless of their pedigree.

Concurrently, we continuously improve the predictive power of our interviews with an eye towards removing bias and increasing diversity of the talent pool.


Candidates as customers

Candidates should demand to be interviewed by a professional who cares, at any time they want, and in a manner that produces a result that they believe represents their best effort. But none of these happen in most hiring processes today. Karat changes this by making interviewing a customer-centric experience.


100% focused on assessment

We do not have any skin in the game as to who gets hired. Our job is to focus on the purity and quality of the assessment and to help you make the best hiring decisions possible.

As a premium engineering service — and not a recruiting company that sells access to candidates — we can stay 100% focused on the quality and consistency of your hiring process.

Make Your Technical Hiring a Strategic Capability

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