Client Case Study

“We've done an amazing job hiring.”

Ann Johnson, CEO Interana logo

Reduction in engineering hours spent per hire


Improvement in candidate close rates


Successful retention rate for hires

About Interana

Interana lets its clients answer any question about digital behavior.

Started by the former leaders of Facebook’s live site performance teams, Interana is the only full-stack software solution that makes interactive exploration of behavior accessible and usable for anyone—not just coders and data scientists.

Interana, Meet Karat

Interana faced the challenge of scaling its world-class engineering team while maintaining an incredibly high technical bar. Karat designed an interview process tailored to Interana and conducted all first-round interviews.

Combined with Karat’s best practice insights and analytics, Interana constructed an intelligent hiring engine that improved close rates on top engineers by 30%.

“I really loved the flexibility to interview outside of work hours.” Jack Guan, New Hire
Business Acceleration

In partnership with Karat, Interana interviewed over 400 engineering candidates and met its hiring goals in a third of the time initially projected. With a finely tuned hiring process, Interana is now poised to continue scaling its world class engineering team while maintaining a consistent technical standard.

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