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Our goal is to professionalize every interview so that people show up capable and empowered to do their best work.

Karat at work.

Interviewing today is often unstructured, time-intensive and prone to bias. The technical interview process has become a burden for companies and frustrating for candidates. At Karat, we've combined rich data and research with our shared experiences across engineering, recruiting and consulting to create the world's largest technical interviewing solution.

We are the trusted, consistent Interview Engineer who conducts the first round of interviews on behalf of top engineering organizations. By making technical interviewing a dedicated job, we highlight its importance to both companies and candidates. The more interviews we complete, the more consistent data we have to help every client build world class hiring processes.

The result? A responsive, first-in-class candidate experience, accelerated hiring, improved onsite-to-offer ratios, and hours and hours of time reinvested into coding and shipping product.


Mohit Bhende, Karat Founder
Mohit Bhende


Jeffrey Spector, Karat Founder
Jeffrey Spector


Neil Kumar, Karat CTO
Neil Kumar


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